MiGenteHispana travels throughout Latin America to expose the most exciting cities to visit. We are on the lookout for places rich in culture, high in relaxation and great for nightlife.


Travel & Culture: Panama City, Panama

One of the fastest emerging cities in Latin America right now makes an ideal place for business investors and partygoers from the US and Euope.


Travel And Culture: Caracas, Venezuela

First occupied by native Toromaimo but founded by the Spanish more than four centuries ago, Caracas is situated at the base of Mount Avila and offers a startling urban contrast


Travel and Culture: São Paulo, Brazil

Would you ever think that one of the most exciting, urban vacations you’ll ever experience would be in a city founded close to 500 years ago?

Travel And Culture: Cartegena, Colombia

With the walled city designated a UNESCO world heritage site, the beginnings of this fishing village turned major city date back to 4,000 B.C. Cartagena was formally founded in the


Travel And Culture: Nicoya, Costa Rica

Set on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, Nicoya makes a great home base for exploring some of the country’s finest beaches.


Mar de Plata, Argentina

Extremely popular with Argentine tourists looking for fun in the sun, Mar de Plata is a traveler’s paradise with tons of outdoor activities, fishing, paragliding, natural attractions, and history.


Cuba: American by birth, Cuban by blood

"So what are you, Claudia? Well I was born in New Jersey, but my parents are CUBAN, therefore I am Cuban-American." Cuban-Americans are one of the oldest Hispanic communities in

Puerto Rico: Isla del Encanto

As Puerto Ricans we consider ourselves Americans but we are also proud of our island and our culture: music, dance, customs and traditions, food, arts, religion, and language. Music