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B*Side Players

Their unique sound blends music from the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and Brazil, proving that this band creates music with no boundaries. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard


Jordan Sierra aka Vers’

At just 11 years old Vers’ discovered his natural ability to freestyle. Now, 18 he has gained quite the following in just a year with over 7,000 YouTube subscribers and

Ovi Rey and GnE

This young musician knew the exact moment when he wanted to pursue music. With his determination and drive Ovi Rey has since headlined 90 shows in the past year,


Jake Miller

He was asked to open for Snoop Dogg’s concert and shortly after asked to open for rapper Mac Miller that led to many more opportunities. MTV exclusively premiered his music


Gabriela Sepulveda

When she was just 8 years old she competed on the prestigious international television show “Sabado Gigante” where she won first place in a three-way tie. At the age of



The dream of this band is not to just make a living doing what they love, they want to inspire people, and show the world of today what Latin music


Lexcano & J-R

The overall beat of their music is where they really shine. There hits are the ones that you can hear in clubs that get the whole room moving.


Trio Caliente

Their songs have deep meaning and feeling, and they are one of the few bands that are actually able to capture the feeling of pure love in a song. When