Ovi Rey and GnE

April 11, 2012

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Ovi Rey
This young musician knew the exact moment when he wanted to pursue music. With his determination and drive Ovi Rey has since headlined 90 shows in the past year, is recording his debut album, established his own record label and wrote and performed the Spanish version of the title track in the upcoming movie “We The Party.” There’s no stopping him now! His music isn’t the typical manufactured music either. He incorporates a mixture of genres in his music such as Urbano, Latin R&B, Reggaeton, Meregne and Latin Dance just to name a few. This super talented artist is one that is going to be sweeping the nation in the near future and is one to look for!

TYPE OF MUSIC: Urban / Latin / Dance
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
AGE: 24

Ovi Wrote the song performed by GnE for the upcoming movie “We The Party”.

This Latin Pop duo is not breaking into the scene silently. You can currently hear GnE in their first feature song on the upcoming movie “We The Party”. Their smooth vocals and upbeat music will make you want to listen to them over and over. They play a huge part in the making of their music and they even sing their songs in English and Spanish! This band is one that you will soon hear on the radio around the country.

NAME: German Molina & Edward Guerrero Known as “GnE”
TYPE OF MUSIC: Urban Latin Pop
LOCATION: West Los Angeles
BIRTHPLACE: German, Born in West Los Angeles & Edward, In Guatemala.
AGE: Both 25yrs old



Q: How old were you when you got started in the music industry?
OVI: I was about 18, 19 when I made the choice that my recording artist role I had been experimenting with at the time, was my calling. When I recorded my early catalog, it gave me a great sense of the water I could swim in. The music came natural, the countless hours I spent on music defined my start. It was a great experience, and now I find myself ready to commit to not only make good music, but do it consistently.

EDDIE G: GnE first started writing music when we were 18 years old, but our
music really grew and took the form it has by the age of 20. At 20, GnE, started to create great music in the studio, so we started performing live as well and had a great response locally in Los Angeles and Hollywood. L.A. has been good to us. We are now ready to reach our fans in Mexico, South America, Centro America, y Espana.

Q: What got you started making music?
OVI: I love music. Being Hispanic in Los Angeles got me making music. It’s a part of my El Salvadorian culture. I recall hearing my brother rap, humming melodies and free styling hip hop verses. I remember mimicking my favorite rapper or singer, and singing along songs on the radio. The more I was exposed to music, the more I felt compelled to make it. Now it’s my responsibility, and I do it with pleasure. I’m blessed to be able to do what I do for a living.

GEMO GEEZY: We were already big fans of music, but when we first started writing music and recording, the overwhelming feedback that our fans and close friends gave us changed everything. The connection that we have is unbelievable with our fans. Thank you! Eddie G and I understand eachother, what we write, and our chemistry is truly amazing.

Q: Who are some of the artist and musicians that you like to listen to?
OVI: Manu Chao, Gotye, The Weeknd, Jowell y Randy, Erykah Badu, Franco El Gorilla. I’m not limited to any one genre. I appreciate all music and have too many names and styles that I absolutely love to name.

EDDIE G: We’re very open to our music, We listen to a lot of different artist in all types of music such as Pitbull, Bob Marley, New Boyz, El General, Jowell y Randy, De La Ghetto, Wisin Y Yandel, Zion y Lennox, Daddy Yankee, and many more artist. We have a lot of respect for each artist and look up to what they have achieved.

Q: What are some hobbies of yours that you do in your spare time?
OVI: Right now I’m recording my first album for my label Haciendo Buena Musica, that is scheduled for release in July 2012. You know, I find myself on FaceBook often I also like to Twitter, Follow me I’ll follow you: I’m in the gym a lot lately, getting ready for my big release. If you would like a sneak peak, check out my Sound Cloud; ; where you will find free music for you. Treat yourself!

GEMO GEEZY: On our spare time, we really enjoy playing Soccer. We been playing together since we were little and we’re big fans of Real Madrid F.C. but also, we enjoy working out, working on music, and hanging out in Venice Beach.

Q: How do you come up with new music? What is your inspiration?
OVI: My son is my inspiration. The people I work with everyday at “Haciendo Buena Musica”, and the music makers at “Tha Hit Factory”, they are my inspiration. The way my mother looked at me when she understood my calling, and commitment to this music. How I come up with new music happens organically, and spontaneous. I never really struggle to lay vocals, or come up with concepts. Being Latino today there is so much to talk about, to many situations and feelings that fuel my songs. I have recorded over 100 songs to date.

EDDIE G: Well we vibe really well, we usually get with a producer and create the right beat first or usually we’ll have a concept of a song already from life experience or other experiences
people go through.

Q: Which song that you have written is your favorite? And why? What is the meaning behind it?
OVI: My favorite song I have ever written is “Adolorido”, which is soon to be released on my first album. Every time I perform it, it moves me to be in a space I have not been in a while, the power of love, and the music that translates it. This song is special to me because of the reaction I get every time someone hears it, is exactly what I wanted to make you feel. After I wrote this song and was waiting to record it, I knew this song proved I could have a calculated affect on people. It made me feel powerful because of that.

GEMO GEEZY: To us, it’s a fight between “Un Momento”, Produced by Nestor Nochez & “ Que Sera De Ti”, Produced by L.A. Sociologist. These two songs are what caught our fans attention towards our music. “Un Momento”, the meaning behind it is like this: What if you meet a girl, extremely beautiful, and as she passes you, you have the opportunity to stop her and express to her what you think about her and you only want her to listen. “Que Sera De ti”, the meaning behind this song is
describing a girl that you can seem to find what it is that drives you crazy. You’re just drawn to her beauty. Both songs are very well composed and are hot singles off our Mixtape “Sin Rivales”.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get started in the music industry?
OVI: Once Victory Is Reached Everybodyloves You.

EDDIE G: NEVER GIVE UP! Keep chasing your dream. Never let anyone bring you down. There are going to be a lot of doors closed and people telling you no, but you just have to keep pushing forward believe and always believe in yourself.

Q: What is the overall goal or dream that you want to achieve with your music?
OVI: I would like be able to provide a quality lifestyle for my family and I off the success from my music. OVI REY would like to make the kind of music that impacts the masses to the point it’s obvious I impact my culture to inspiration. Maybe even bridge a couple of genres. I would like to be responsible for the growth of Latin music in the U.S, and Latin America. It would be my dream to perform worldwide in stadium sold out concerts, help the poor, educate the illiterate and help those causes that save millions of lives.

GEMO GEEZY: To have our music heard around the world and bring joy to the people who are listening. Music is the universal language of the world and we just want people to enjoy it and to have fun.